The Process

The fork rechroming service

We aim to provide a comprehensive service to rechrome forks back to "as new" while maintaining a high quality low friction finish.


All stanchions are inspected, measured and checked for straightness


The old chrome plating is ground using a centreless grinder to remove all surface damage. In general, we remove around 0.7mm of material


All internal bushes and valves are masked with tape and wax, where necessary

Hard chrome plating

Stanchions are hard chrome electroplated so that they are slightly oversized. This process can take up to 24 hours, depending on the thickness of the plating

Further inspection

During the hard chrome plating process, stanchions are regularly inspected and measured to ensure that the plating is to the correct thickness before finishing. Numerous measurements are taken to ensure that there's a constant diameter throughout the length of the stanchion

Final grinding

Once the plating process is completed they are finish ground, with an accuracy of 0.125mm


The stanchions are now ready to linished and polished to give a perfect finish, which aids the 'bedding in' process and extends seal life.

Final Inspection

All of our rechromed stanchions have to pass a strict quality control check before they are returned to the customer. They are measured to check dimensions and tolerances and are securely packaged prior to shipping with our International couriers.

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